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Writing philosophy

I have always been fascinated by magical realism. I am inspired by playwrights such as Jose Rivera and Lisa Ramirez. There is beauty in subverting reality. The poetry of language, the complexity of circumstances, and explorations of possibilities, drive us to discover new aspects of ourselves and allow for greater understanding of others.

Coaching & Training

Elena Avila began playwriting in a playwriting course at Columbia College Chicago. Since then she has been a cohort member of The New Coordinated Writers' Room in Fall 2022.


In the summer of 2023, Elena attended the playwriting residency, Rosemary's House, in Chalkidiki Greece. This residency was led by London playwright, Ryan Calais Cameron. In Fall 2024, Elena will attend Arquetopia's writing residency in Cusco Peru.

Produced Works

In spring of 2023, Elena's play Blood Brothers was performed in a virtual reading by Rainy Day Artistic Collective. This play explores the ideas of family, connection, and what it means to be Latine.

Awards and Grants

In 2018, Elena received an honorable mention for her short story in the Jack London Writing Competition. In 2023, Elena received a grant to begin writing and producing a new work (more information to come.)

Playwriting: Services
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